Submit your resume before Christmas?

Absolutely, submitting your resume before Christmas can be a strategic move. Many companies tend to wrap up their hiring processes towards the end of the year, finalizing decisions before the holiday season kicks in. Here are a few reasons why sending your resume before Christmas might be advantageous:

1. Beat the Rush: As the year draws to a close, some companies aim to fill positions before the new year. Submitting your resume beforehand could ensure you're among the early applicants.

2. Less Competition: Many job seekers postpone their applications until after the holidays. By applying before Christmas, you might encounter fewer competitors, potentially increasing your chances of being noticed.

3. Hiring Budgets: Some companies have budgets allocated for filling positions before the end of the fiscal year. Submitting your resume before Christmas could align with these timelines.

4. Networking Opportunities: Holiday events, even virtual ones, present networking opportunities. If you've submitted your resume, engaging with professionals during this time might give your application an added boost.

However, ensure your resume is polished and tailored to the job you're applying for. Quality always trumps timing. If you're ready to showcase your skills and experience, submitting your resume before Christmas could indeed position you favorably for opportunities that might arise as the year wraps up.

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